How to Make Money while on Maternity Leave | 5 Proven & Legit Ways in 2023

Are you worried about money during maternity leave? For mothers, maternity leave is a crucial period for bonding with their infants, postpartum recovery, and settling into parenthood. Yet, the truth is that because many families must rely on a lower income during this period, maternity leave can also affect a family’s finances.

How to Make Money while on Maternity Leave

Hence, in order to ensure financial security and mental peace of mind, discovering ways to produce money while on maternity leave might be extremely important. We’ll look at a few different ways to earn money while on maternity leave in this article.

Examine your Finances

How to Make Money while on Maternity Leave

Consider your financial circumstances carefully as you prepare ready for maternity leave. Examining your budget, estimating your travel expenses and identifying areas for savings are all necessary. This process will help you understand your financial situation and enable you to set strategies for the upcoming months.

Going over your budget is the first step. The amount of money coming in and leaving out each month may be calculated by looking at your income and spending. Your financial condition will become crystal obvious as a result, and you can then make informed plans. Right now is the perfect moment to make a budget if you don’t already have one.

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Calculate your maternity leave expenditures next. Costs like medical bills, infant supplies and a loss of income may be included in this. Take into account how much time off of work you’re planning to take, as well as the cost of these charges. By doing so, you’ll be able to estimate how much cash you’ll need to save up before your leave begins.

Finding cost-saving opportunities is important. Depending on your situation this can include cutting back on discretionary spending or finding methods to save costs on necessities like groceries . To stretch your budget even further start using coupons, taking advantage of discounts and making bulk purchases. You may save more money and lessen the strain of paying for maternity leave by making savings sacrifices. Creating an emergency reserve to meet unforeseen costs or income loss is also important.

Consider Part-Time Work

How to Make Money while on Maternity Leave

Mothers who wish to boost their income while on maternity leave might choose to work part-time. Working part-time enables women to earn a living while still having time for their newborn. Finding a job that meets your unique requirements and circumstances is crucial, so consider the advantages and disadvantages of working part-time.

The availability of part-time job in your industry, the commute and the effect on your family life are a few things to think about. It’s critical to comprehend the guidelines around maternity leave income. Working part-time may influence your eligibility for government assistance. Your personal situation, financial objectives and priorities should be taken into consideration while deciding whether to work part-time while on maternity leave.

Freelance or Start a Side Business

A fantastic method to earn money while on maternity leave is to freelance or launch a side company. You may work from home and choose your own hours thanks to the great freedom it gives. It also enables you to follow your hobbies and transform your talents and interests into successful businesses. While determining whether to become freelance or launch a side business, take into account the following factors:

How to Make Money while on Maternity Leave

1) Benefits of Working for Yourself or Establishing a Side Business

  • Working from home is convenient if you have a young child to take care of.
  • You may set your own hours so that you can fit your job around the needs of your child.
  • You have the chance to follow your passions and make them into a successful business.
  • There is a chance that you will make more money than you would from a part-time job.

2) Identifying Your Skills and Interests

Your talents and hobbies should be taken into account while determining what sort of side company or freelancing to undertake.

Do you possess artistic writing, graphic design, or web development skills?

Do baking, crafts, or photography truly stoke your passion?

You’ll be able to select a specialty for which you have a strong passion and the potential for financial success by determining your talents and interests.

3) Finding Clients and Building a Customer Base

It’s time to attract clients and create a customer base once you’ve determined your specialisation. Networking, social media, and advertising may all be used for this. You may also get in touch with ones who could be interested in your services, such as friends and relatives.

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Utilize Your Skills Online

People now have a wide range of options for remote work from home thanks to the internet. By making your talents and knowledge available to clients and companies worldwide, you may profit from this.

There are several websites that let you set up a profile and advertise your services to prospective customers. Data input, social media management, article production and many other services are among those you may provide. Working as a freelancer may be a terrific way to make money and provide you the flexibility to manage your time and take care of your child.

Selling items or services online is another option to make use of your expertise. If you have a creative ability, you may sell your handcrafted goods on online shops like Etsy. Whether you’re a writer or a graphic designer, you may aid companies or people that need assistance with content development by offering your talents.

You may also think about writing an ebook or online course based on your area of expertise. This may be a fantastic method to get passive money while educating others.

Rent Out Your Property or Assets

How to Make Money while on Maternity Leave

Renting out your property or assets is a great way to make some extra money while on maternity leave.. One of the most often utilized websites for renting out real estate is Airbnb. By advertising your home or a spare room on the website while you’re on leave, you may earn money.

In addition to renting out your home, you may also think about doing the same with your car or other possessions. You can rent out your automobile to other people while you’re not using it thanks to websites like Turo. If you own a luxury automobile or a sought-after historic car, this may be really profitable for you. Also, you may hire out additional items like tools, athletic goods, or musical instruments. By doing this, you may profit from stuff that might otherwise be sitting in your garage gathering dust.

Therefore, it’s important to do your homework and ensure that you are comfortable with the dangers associated before renting out any assets or property. You’ll need to draught a lease, get insurance, and take precautions to safeguard your property. Yet, renting out your home or other assets may be a terrific method to supplement your income while on maternity leave with some forward planning.

Government assistance during maternity leave

Government support for maternity leave differs from nation to nation. Governments in several nations offer financial support to expectant or recently-exhausted mothers who are on maternity leave.

Although some organizations may provide paid maternity leave as a perk, there is no federal legislation in the United States forcing employers to do so. Yet, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) grants qualified workers up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for delivery or to care for a baby.

Government programmes in several countries, like Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, offer qualified workers paid maternity leave. Employment Insurance (EI) in Canada offers up to 15 weeks of maternity benefits to qualified workers, whilst Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) in the UK offers up to 39 weeks of paid leave. In Australia, the government offers 18 weeks of paid parental leave to qualified employees.

It’s crucial to find out what benefits you could be entitled to during maternity leave by speaking with your employer and the relevant government organisation in your nation.

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For many new mothers, maternity leave can provide a financial hardship. There are a number of options to generate money while on maternity leave, but they need careful preparation and creativity.

Starting a side company, selling goods online, doing freelance work, and doing paid surveys are some of the best methods to earn money. Every mother’s circumstance is different, therefore it’s important to consider all your alternatives and decide which one suits you the most.


What are some ways to make money while on maternity leave?

Freelancing, selling products or services online, offering services, participating in online surveys, or starting a home-based company are just a few ways to make money while on maternity leave.

Is it legal to work while on maternity leave?

Yes, it is legal to work while on maternity leave. Depending on your employment contract and the regulations in your country, there may be certain limitations on the amount of hours you may work and the kind of job you can do.

Do I have to notify my employer if I am working while on maternity leave?

Absolutely, you must let your employer know if you want to work throughout your maternity leave. It is usually essential to be open and honest with your employer. Your workplace may have regulations in place about working while on maternity leave.

What are some online platforms I can use to make money while on maternity leave?

Online markets like Etsy and Amazon, freelancing marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr, and survey websites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie are a few examples of places you can work while on maternity leave.

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