How To Make Money Singing | 10 Ways to Sing and Earn Money in 2023

Are you a talented singer who enjoys music and wants to make money on that passion? Whether you’re a beginner singer or a seasoned pro, there are several methods for you to make money from your singing.

There are several ways to make money from singing. We’ll discuss some of the best methods for marketing yourself, getting gigs and building a fan base in this blog article about how to make money as a singer.

10 Ways to Sing and Earn Money in 2023

10 Ways to Sing and Earn Money in 2023

1. Perform at gigs and events

Performing at events and gigs is one way that singers frequently get money. It offers opportunity for you to display your talents, attract attention and grow a fan base.

To start, it’s essential to have a song list that appeals to your target audience and to be able to access a polished demo or recording to showcase your abilities.

To find gigs, you may network with other musicians, music venues and event planners.

Through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can interact with potential clients and followers. Use online booking services like The Bash and GigSalad to find gigs as well.

Success in this industry depends on being professional, punctual and adaptive. You should be able to adapt to different settings and audiences, and you should dominate the stage.

Through effective self-promotion and client relationship building, you may increase sales and guarantee recurring business.

2. Busking

Busking is the act of performing in public spaces for voluntarily collected money from passersby. Buskers who sing use their vocal talents to amuse others and earn money.

Over time, busking as a means of earning money while singing has gained popularity, especially among budding musicians who want to reach a wider audience.

The first step in busking is to choose a nice area with lots of people walking by. This could be an active roadway, a park or a public area. To attract and hold the attention of their audience, they need a sizable music collection and a top-notch sound system.

Additionally important is being aware of any municipal regulations governing busking.

Busking may be a fantastic way for singers to perfect their skill, gain exposure and make a little extra money.

Due to the expansion of social media platforms, buskers may now exploit the internet’s potential to expand their audience and fan base.

Generally speaking, busking may be a fun and successful way for singers to combine their love with a career.

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3. Record and sell your music

The expansion of digital music platforms and online distribution channels has made the music easier to access than ever.

You must first spend money on top-notch instruments, such as

  • a computer
  • a microphone
  • recording, editing and mixing software.

You may start recording your song and perfecting your sound as soon as you have the necessary equipment.

You may sell your song on online music stores like iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. You may also promote your music on social media, music blogs and other online platforms to reach a wider audience.

Your marketing strategies need to be intelligent and unique if you want to profit from your music. Retail sales, live performances, streaming royalties, digital downloads and streaming royalties are all ways you may make money off of your music.

4. Offer music lessons

If you have a knack for singing, giving music classes can be a terrific opportunity to make money and share your passion of music with others.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or talented amateurs, many people desire to learn how to sing or improve their vocal skills.

Prior to starting to teach music, you must decide on your target audience and the genre. You might concentrate your efforts on training children, adults, novices or more advanced students.

Additionally, you could specialize on a certain musical style, such as jazz, pop, rock or classical music.

The next stage is to set up your classroom and develop a lesson plan covering the fundamentals of singing such as breathing, posture, vocal warm-ups and ear training. You’ll also need to market your services and find students.

Your lectures may be advertised online, in local newspapers or community centers or by word-of-mouth.

5. Get Signed by a Record Label

An artist who joins a record label has a platform to showcase their talents and receives the support they require to grow their career.

When a performer signs on with a record company label, they frequently receive financial assistance in addition to marketing, distribution and promotional support.

Additionally, record labels often provide singers with opportunities to collaborate with established artists, perform at major events and go on tours.

Also, signing with a record label is not a simple task. It requires talent, perseverance and hard work to stand out from the hundreds of other aspiring musicians seeking for a limited number of places.

6. Create and sell merchandise

Making and selling products is a common way for singers to make money aside from performing and recording.

This can include anything with the artist’s name, picture or logo on it, from t-shirts and hats to posters and stickers.

In addition to offering a second source of income, merchandise helps in the development of the artist’s reputation and the promotion of their music.

A musician can start off by collaborating with a firm that sells merchandise or by opening their own online shop.

They can then create stuff that appeals to their fan base and captures their distinct sense of style and personality. Effective advertising and promotion can increase sales and excite fans.

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7. Join a choir or a singing group

Many choirs and singing groups perform at numerous events such as weddings, corporate gatherings and holiday parties, and they usually get paid for doing so.

A singing club or choir can help you develop your vocal abilities, learn new songs and find people who share your taste in music.

Start by looking for local choirs and singing groups, then attend auditions to determine if you fit in. Once you’ve been accepted, be ready to practice consistently and learn new songs rapidly.

Additionally, you must be open to performing at a range of occasions including weekend and evening events.

8. Participate in singing contests

It’s a lot of fun to compete in singing contests since you may get money while doing what you love.

You might start by looking into regional or national singing competitions online or on social media.

Aspiring vocalists may use these occasions as a platform to display their talent in front of a larger audience and possibly win financial awards, recording contracts or other career chances.

Participating in singing competitions offers the chance to make money as well as significant exposure and experience in the music industry.

You might be able to network more easily with industry professionals and discover new employment chances as a result of winning a competition.

9. Work as a session singer

It’s an excellent way to support your singing career to work as a session singer. Session singers are employed to deliver lead or backing vocals for commercials, jingles, live performances, records and other projects.

For this position, it’s important to have a strong vocal range, be adaptable to many musical genres and be versatile.

Session singers work with a wide range of clients including record labels, music producers, advertising agencies and film makers.

They may be required to perform songs in a range of languages and musical genres including pop, rock, jazz, country and classical music.

The payment for session singers varies depending on the project, the customer and the singer’s level of experience. They are often paid per session.

10. Sing for TV and movies

Singing in TV shows and movies is an excellent way for singers to make money. It comprises lending your voice to films, advertisements, television shows and other forms of media.

As a singer, you could be requested to sing a solo or supply background vocals for a certain scene or advertisement.

One way to break into this field is to establish contacts with casting directors, music producers and directors.

Networking is crucial in the entertainment industry, and referrals from others may lead to more opportunities.

Challenges and Solutions to Make Money Singing

A singing career’s expansion is not without its difficulties. The difficulties that can be faced are

  • managing rejection and disappointment
  • overcoming stage anxiety, and
  • establishing a work-life balance.
  • balancing the creative and commercial parts of a music career.

Dealing with rejection and setbacks

One of the most difficult aspects of pursuing a profession in singing is handling these situations. It’s necessary to keep in mind that rejection is a typical aspect of the music business and to resist being demoralized by it. Instead, take advantage of failures to develop and learn.

Overcoming stage fear and performance anxiety

Stage fright and performance anxiety are another difficulty that many vocalists encounter. You may use a variety of methods to get over these worries, including visualization, deep breathing and meditation.

Balancing the creative and business aspects of a career in music:

It may be challenging to strike a balance between a creative and financial career in music. But it’s essential to remember that success necessitates both. Consider employing a manager or agency if you want to focus on your music rather than the business end of things.

Finding a work-life balance

Establishing a work-life balance can be challenging for musicians. Nevertheless, it’s critical to look after your needs and schedule time for rest and relaxation. This can help you avoid burnout and maintain your motivation and attention.

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It is possible to earn money singing, but it takes work, dedication and talent.

To succeed in the music industry, you must lay a solid foundation, generate income from your talents, pursue a singing career and overcome obstacles.

Never lose up on your aspirations, keep your focus on your goals and have a positive mentality.


Do singers make good money?

Some singers make good money, while others struggle financially. Income varies depending on factors such as popularity, record sales, touring and endorsements.

How much money can you make singing?

The amount of money you can make singing can range from very little to millions of dollars depending on things including your degree of ability, experience and success.

Do I need a license to sing a song?

No, a license is not required to sing for personal enjoyment. However, you might want permission from the copyright owners if you intend to play or record the music in public.

What makes a song go viral?

Key elements that influence a song’s virality include a catchy melody, relevant lyrics, emotional resonance, social media buzz and shareability.

Where do singers make most of their money?

Live performances, merchandise sales and brand sponsorships make up the majority of a singer’s revenue, while streaming royalties and song sales also contribute to their income.

Do singers get paid per song?

Depending on the specifics of the singer’s job or record label contract or agreement. Some artists could receive a fixed payment for each song, while others might receive royalties based on sales or streaming.

What percentage of singers make a living?

About 10% of singers are capable of making a living. The music industry is very unpredictable and quite competitive.

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