10 Best Business to Start in Texas | Profitable Business Ideas in 2023

Texas’s strong economy and business-friendly rules make it an ideal location to start a business.

Texas offers entrepreneurs a lot of opportunities to launch successful businesses because to its diverse industries and expanding population.

This blog will discuss the best business to start in Texas, legal concerns to be aware of when starting a business in Texas and resources for entrepreneurs.

Top Industries in Texas

Texas is well recognized for its oil and gas business, but it also has many other strong industries such as manufacturing, technology and healthcare.

Entrepreneurs have several chances to launch prosperous businesses in various industries.

Numerous tech firms are based in the state, notably in places like Austin and Dallas. Major hospitals and medical facilities have spread out over the state, indicating the success of the healthcare sector as well.

Additionally, Texas is home to a number of prestigious colleges that draw top talent and offer business owners possibilities for research.

Even though the COVID-19 epidemic has had an impact on the Texas economy, several of these sectors have demonstrated resilience and adaptation, making them good candidates for new business ventures.

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10 Best Business to start in Texas

10 Best Business Ideas in Texas

There are many business opportunities in Texas, but some are particularly well-suited to the state’s economy and demographics.

1. Food truck

Food truck Business to Start in Texas
InvestmentROIPayback PeriodProfit
$50,000200%2.5 years$75,000

The vibrant and diverse culinary culture in Texas is well-known. Due to Texas’ diversified cuisine, the state’s food truck industry has lately seen growth.

Starting a food truck business in Texas could be a great entrepreneurial venture for those who are passionate about food and have a creative and unique approach to the industry.

Focusing on regional delicacies like barbecue, Tex-Mex and Southern comfort food is one of the most well-liked food truck business ideas in Texas.

These cuisines have a loyal following in Texas, and a food truck offering them would attract a substantial customer base.

An additional food truck business concept for Texas is to explore with fusion cuisine by blending various flavors and cuisines. This strategy enables business owners to produce unique and exciting dishes that are intriguing and different from the competition.

Additionally, you can focus on providing cuisine that fits certain dietary requirements like vegan, gluten-free or keto-friendly meals may be a wise choice. This specialized market has the potential to be highly lucrative since more people are becoming health-conscious and searching for alternatives.

2. Real estate agency

Real estate agency Business to Start in Texas
InvestmentROIPayback PeriodProfit per Year
$500,00015%5 years$75,000

Texas is a flourishing real estate market with increasing house demand across the whole state. The chance to open a real estate firm in Texas is a great one for business entrepreneurs.

Offering property management services, focusing on a certain niche market or specializing in luxury properties are just a few business ideas that might be researched.

One option is to guide first-time homeowners through the challenging home-buying process.

Another option is to focus on commercial real estate and help businesses who are looking to rent or buy office space.

Luxury real estate may be a lucrative niche due to the high-end clientele looking for unique homes and properties.

Additionally, offering property management services might be financially rewarding as it helps property owners with tasks like renter verification, rent collection and maintenance.

3. IT consulting

IT consulting Business to Start in Texas
InvestmentROIPayback PeriodProfit
$500,00050%2 years$250,000 per year

Since Texas is a hub for creativity and technology, it is the ideal location to start an IT consulting business.

The digital revolution has increased demand for IT consulting services in Texas, which offers great opportunity for business owners to profit from the trend.

Network design and installation, cybersecurity, software development, cloud computing and online marketing are just a few of the services that Texas-based IT consulting firms could provide.

IT consulting companies should concentrate on offering high-quality services, developing trusting connections with customers and keeping up with the most recent technology developments if they want to flourish in this fiercely competitive sector.

You must have good web presence, a solid marketing plan and networking with other companies and people in this field.

4. Pet grooming

Pet grooming Business to Start in Texas
InvestmentROIPayback PeriodProfit
$50,00025%4 years$12,500 per year

There are several opportunities available in Texas if you want to launch a pet grooming business.

Due to the vast number of pet owners in Texas, there is a significant need for pet grooming services.

One idea for a pet grooming business is to focus on a specific dog or cat breed. You may meet the demands of pet owners who want specialized grooming services by concentrating on a particular breed.

Offering mobile pet grooming services is an additional concept. Pet owners may save time and effort by using a mobile grooming unit instead of having to drive their animals to a grooming shop.

People who might not have the time to drop off and pick up their dogs owing to hectic schedules will find this to be quite appealing.

5. Fitness studio

Fitness studio Business to Start in Texas
Investment AmountExpected ROIPayback PeriodAnnual Profit
$100,00020%2.5 years$20,000
$200,00025%3 years$50,000
$300,00030%3.5 years$90,000
$400,00035%4 years$140,000
$500,00040%4.5 years$200,000

Since Texas is a large state with a population that cares about health and wellbeing, it is the perfect place for a fitness studio.

Because the fitness industry is growing swiftly, a fitness studio business may appeal to a wide range of potential clientele.

If Texas fitness studios want to succeed, they must differentiate themselves from the opposition. This might be achieved by offering a unique exercise setting, a customized training program or by focusing on a certain kind of fitness, like yoga or CrossFit.

Additional crucial success elements include offering exceptional customer service and creating a sizable following of loyal customers.

Location is another important consideration when starting a fitness center in Texas. A strategically located property near a health-conscious neighborhood or in a busy area can attract more customers.

6. E-commerce store

E-commerce store Business to Start in Texas
InvestmentROIPayback PeriodProfit
$100,00050%2 years$50,000
$250,00080%2.5 years$200,000
$500,000120%3 years$600,000
$1,000,000150%4 years$1,500,000

Texas is a fantastic location to open an online business due to its high level of technological innovation and solid infrastructure.

Electronics, home goods, apparel, cosmetics—e-commerce businesses may provide a broad range of items and services.

One interesting E-commerce business idea for Texas is a store that sells goods with Texas themes. This might include everything from gourmet meals and home decor to t-shirts and hats.

An alternate option is to visit a specialty shop that focuses on a certain hobby or passion such as handicrafts or outdoor sports.

Some more e-commerce business concepts in Texas include a specialist shop for artisanal or organic goods, a store for handcrafted or personalized gifts or an online boutique selling vintage or one-of-a-kind clothing items.

7. Cleaning service

Cleaning service
InvestmentROI (Return on Investment)Payback PeriodProfit
$50,00020%2 years$10,000 per year

Starting a cleaning service business in Texas may be quite affordable and easy to set up. There are several services you may offer, including post-construction cleaning, office cleaning and house cleaning.

You may further set your business apart from the competition by focusing on eco-friendly cleaning materials, pet-friendly cleaning or the use of cutting-edge cleaning technologies.

Success in the cleaning services industry requires strong work ethics, keen attention to detail, and excellent customer service skills.

To draw in new customers and establish a solid name in the neighborhood, you’ll also need to make investments in marketing and advertising.

8. Home renovation

Home renovation Business to Start in Texas
InvestmentROIPayback PeriodProfit
$50,00070%1.5 years$35,000
$75,00085%1.75 years$63,750
$100,000100%2 years$100,000
$150,000125%2.25 years$187,500
$200,000150%2.5 years$300,000

Home repair and renovation projects are in high demand, especially in booming locations like Houston, Dallas and Austin where many homeowners wish to update and upgrade their properties.

You’ll need contracting or construction expertise, as well as familiarity with the local building laws and legislation, to launch a home remodeling firm.

Among the many services you may offer include improving kitchens and bathrooms, expanding rooms, putting up siding and roofing and creating outdoor living areas.

Marketing your business to potential clients effectively may be done through online advertising, word-of-mouth referrals and local print advertising in the media.

You might also work along with home builders, realtors and property managers to expand your clientele.

9. Event planning

Event planning Business to Start in Texas
InvestmentROIPayback PeriodProfit
$50,00030%2.5 years$15,000
$100,00040%2 years$40,000
$150,00050%1.5 years$75,000
$200,00060%1.33 years$120,000

There are plenty of customers for business owners in this area due to the abundance of event venues and the thriving tourist sector.

Specializing in corporate events like conferences, team-building activities and product launches is one such company concept.

Another choice is to concentrate on wedding planning, which is a lucrative industry that is expanding.

The need for event planning services also exists for social occasions like birthday parties, baby showers and holiday gatherings.

Focusing on cultural events like the Texas Renaissance Festival, Juneteenth celebrations and Mexican Independence Day celebrations that highlight Texas’ various populations is another unique business idea.

10. Daycare center

Daycare center Business to Start in Texas
InvestmentROIPayback PeriodProfit
$250,00020%3 years$50,000 per year

For working parents in Texas who want to provide their kids with a secure atmosphere while they are at work, childcare centers are an essential alternative.

Focusing on offering education in a variety of languages is one concept for a childcare center business in Texas.

Many parents would value a childcare facility that could expose their kids to both the English and Spanish languages and cultures, given the significant Spanish-speaking community in Texas.

Another recommendation is to focus on paying particular attention to kids who have specific needs or limitations.

By enhancing their offerings, daycare centers may gain a loyal client base and become the parents’ go-to option in their community.

Small business ideas in Texas

Here are a few small business ideas that could thrive in Texas:

1. Food truck – Texas has a vibrant food culture and starting a food truck can be a great way to tap into that market.

2. Boutique fitness studio – With a focus on health and wellness, opening a boutique fitness studio specializing in activities like yoga, pilates or high-intensity interval training can attract health-conscious Texans.

3. Customized gift shop – Texans love unique and personalized items. Opening a store that offers customized gifts such as monogrammed accessories or engraved goods, can cater to this demand.

4. Home renovation services – Given the state’s growing population, offering home renovation and remodeling services can be a profitable venture.

5. Eco-friendly products store – As environmental consciousness increases, opening a store that sells eco-friendly products like reusable items, sustainable clothing or zero-waste products can appeal to conscious consumers in Texas.

Before starting a business, Texas entrepreneurs must follow by all applicable local, state and federal regulations.

One of the initial steps in starting a business in Texas is choosing an organizational structure such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or corporation.

Each structure has unique legal and tax repercussions, thus the best structure for the firm’s needs should be chosen.

Entrepreneurs must select a business structure and get the necessary permits and licenses.

To ensure compliance, company owners should verify with local and state authorities as permit and licensing requirements differ depending on the type of enterprise and the area.

Resources for Entrepreneurs in Texas

For entrepreneurs looking to start or grow a firm, Texas offers a multitude of services.

The Texas Entrepreneur Network is a statewide organization that links business owners with mentors and networking opportunities.

While Texas Small Business Development Center provides small businesses with training and counseling, SCORE Mentors provides free mentoring services for business owners.

The Texas Economic Development Corporation provides financial incentives and other services for businesses desiring to expand or relocate to Texas

Women’s Business Center of Texas provides resources and assistance exclusively for female entrepreneurs.

What business makes the most money in Texas?

In Texas, the oil and gas sector makes the most money and has a large impact on the state’s economy.

Texas is the top US producer of natural gas and crude oil due to its abundance of both resources.

ExxonMobil and Chevron, two significant oil giants, have sizable operations in the state.

What business is booming in Texas?

The real estate industry is booming in Texas.

The state’s favorable business climate, growing population and affordable housing market have contributed to a surge in real estate activity.

Cities like Austin, Dallas and Houston are witnessing a significant increase in property values and construction projects due to a high demand for both residential and commercial assets.

Texas’s cheap taxes and relaxed regulatory environment have made it a desirable location for firms and people moving here from other states.

What is the main way Texas makes money?

The main way Texas makes money is through its diverse economy, driven by several key industries.

  • Energy Sector – exploration, production, refining, distribution.
  • Manufacturing – Aerospace, electronics, chemicals, machinery.
  • Agriculture – Livestock, cotton, dairy products, poultry, fruits.
  • Technology and Innovation – Telecommunications, semiconductors, biotechnology.
  • Tourism – National parks, historical sites, vibrant cities, cultural events.

Is Texas good for starting a business?

Texas is generally considered a favorable state for starting a business. It boasts a business-friendly environment with no personal income tax and a relatively low cost of living.

Texas has a diverse economy and a large population, providing a substantial customer base.

The state offers various incentives and programs to support entrepreneurship and economic growth such as tax incentives, grants and access to capital.

What is Texas known for financially?

Texas is known for its robust and diverse economy, making it a major financial powerhouse.

The state’s oil and gas industry has historically played a significant role, as Texas is the leading producer of both resources in the United States.

Due to the state’s friendly business climate, low taxes and pro-growth policies, which have helped to generate employment and strengthen the economy, many businesses have been attracted to it.

What is the cheapest most profitable business to start?

The cheapest most profitable businesses to start are:

  1. E-commerce stores (Shopify, Etsy)
  2. Dropshipping
  3. Digital Products
  4. Content creation (blogging, YouTube channel)
  5. Service-based businesses (freelancing, consulting, tutoring)
  6. Cleaning services
  7. Home-based baking or catering

What is the best business to start with $5000?

One of the best business options to start with $5000 is an online e-commerce store.

With the rise of digital platforms and dropshipping models, you can launch a store with minimal upfront costs.

Allocate your budget towards creating a professional website, investing in inventory and marketing efforts to attract customers. Focus on a niche market or trending products to differentiate yourself.

Utilize social media, influencer collaborations and targeted advertising to drive traffic and generate sales.

As the business grows, reinvest profits to expand your product range and enhance customer experience.

What is the best business to start with $10,000?

The best business to start with $10,000 are:

  1. Personal Training or Fitness Instruction,
  2. Home-based bakery or catering service,
  3. Food truck business,
  4. Digital marketing agency,
  5. Launching a consulting or coaching service,
  6. Opening a small café or food truck,
  7. Event planning.
  8. Handmade Crafts,
  9. Home Cleaning Service,
  10. Tutoring or Coaching.

With careful budgeting and efficient use of resources, these businesses can be started on a relatively modest investment of $10,000.

What good business can I start with $20k?

With $20,000, you have a range of options to start a business. Here are some business ideas that can be started with a budget of $20,000:

  1. Home Renovation Services – Bathroom remodeling, kitchen upgrades, outdoor landscaping.
  2. Digital Marketing Agency – social media management, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO) and website design.
  3. Personal Fitness Training – one-on-one sessions, group classes, online coaching.
  4. Specialty Coffee Shop – Open a small coffee shop with a unique theme, specialty brews or a cozy atmosphere.
  5. Event Planning – organizing weddings, corporate events, parties, conferences.
  6. Boutique Gym – yoga, pilates, spinning, boxing.


What business makes the most money in Texas?

The oil and gas industry is the business that makes the most money in Texas due to its abundance of natural resources and infrastructure.

Is Texas good for starting a business?

Texas offers a business-friendly climate with low regulations and taxes, a talented workforce and simple access to finance, thus the state is a fantastic place to launch a firm.

What is the best business to start with little money in Texas?

In Texas, starting a service-based company like a cleaning service, pet sitting business or freelance writing firm might be inexpensive. Online ventures like teaching or the sale of handcrafted items are also profitable.

What are some popular businesses in texas?

Energy enterprises, tech startups, healthcare organizations, retail giants and hospitality businesses including hotels and restaurants are few of the well-known businesses in Texas.

How do I finance my business in Texas?

Grants, microloans, crowdsourcing, angel investors and venture capital are just a few of the ways you might finance your business in Texas. Another choice is to launch your company using your own resources or money borrowed from family and friends.

What resources are available for small businesses in Texas?

For help with finance, training, and workforce development, small companies in Texas may go to institutions such as:
-Texas Small Business Development Center,
-Texas Economic Development Corporation and
-Texas Workforce Commission.

How do I choose the right business idea for Texas?

When choosing a business plan for Texas, consider the local market demand, the competitive climate and the state’s economic trends. You must also consider your individual skills, interests and background in order to decide which business concept best suits your capabilities and goals.

What are some of the challenges of starting a business in Texas?

There are several challenges involved in starting a business in Texas, including fierce competition in some industries, finding and maintaining bright employees and navigating complex regulations and taxes.


Texas is a great spot to launch a business because of its broad economy and friendly business climate.

Food trucks and restaurants, real estate investing, e-commerce and healthcare services are just a few of the many sectors and company concepts available to entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs must comply with all local, state and federal laws and get all essential permissions and licenses before launching a firm.

Thankfully, Texas offers a wide range of resources for company entrepreneurs, including grants, networking and mentoring opportunities, training and consulting services.

With the right idea, compliance with the law and support, entrepreneurs in Texas may launch successful businesses and support the state’s growing economy.

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